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Outdoor Lighting


03 Jun 2019

Outdoor Lighting
LED lighting technology is of course widely available for home interiors. In addition to that we have also seen significant developments with outdoor and exterior lighting for both domestic and commercial application. Focusing on domestic lighting, we have seen many new LED products reaching the market that carry the necessary IP (water resistance) rating. These include decking lights, wall lights, security motion sensor floodlights and a range of garden lights including solar.

Let’s start with wall lights. Popular with homeowners and home renovators, the up and down wall light is an obvious choice for illuminating areas in close proximity to exterior walls such as doorways and patios. Available in a wide range of finishes and lumens outputs (determined by the bulb), The GU10 bulb housing unit is cost effective and easy to install. They also look great, particularly with brickwork and stone. There are also many other models of wall lights that are available, from the latest designs to the more traditional.

 Outdoor Wall Lights

Decking Lights are an increasingly popular choice as the trend for creating outdoor living spaces is growing, particularly as we move towards the summer months. Again these lights carry an IP rating, ensuring they can survive the rigours of outdoor use in all weather. Decking lights are available as a ready made collection of LED lights, typically available with 6, 10, 20 & 30 bulb options and a range of sizes. They can be fitted into outdoor decking and outdoor timber to suit requirements. There’s even lighting models available that work underwater for illuminating garden ponds and water features.

Decking Lights

Brick lights are brick sized LED lighting units that are built to replace bricks in exterior walls. Another popular choice, brick lights are an aesthetically neat and efficient way of illuminating outdoor spaces.

Brick Lights

Security Lighting is another area that has seen innovation with LED technology. There’s now a wide range of floodlights available from small domestic to much larger commercial units. Again they carry an IP rating and come with optional motion, dusk dawn and/or heat sensors for use where applicable.
The benefits here, most significantly with the much larger models, is the energy efficiency in comparison to the older halogen technology.

There are many more options available! Please visit the outdoor section at www.minisuntrade.co.uk for our full range.

(IP stands for International Protection Rating) Resources available online for a full explanation.

By Bradley Wilson