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Modern architecture and interior design (more often than not) will try to incorporate both natural and electrical lighting as part of the overall design. With the rise of Eco homes, lighting is also an area of consideration for the designer and retailer alike, as is a myriad of new living spaces and property conversion projects that are becoming more and more popular in our landscape.


Living spaces in converted mills and warehousing across Britain’s towns and cities are now commonplace. And as the landscape of modern living changes so does the architecture, interior & lighting design needed to cater for new home and business premises alike. Interior design can be complimented by choosing the correct lighting and here, there is a wide variety of options...


Great for bars, restaurants, contemporary businesses and homes, Steampunk lighting is based loosely on Victorian Industrial designs and provides a unique, often quirky, striking and inviting ambience to a property. With a multitude of designs to choose from, Steampunk is now a popular choice and works really well with refurbished buildings from the Victorian or Edwardian periods, bringing a modern contemporary twist to period design.

loft office   steampunk-1

Steampunk designs range from piping style wall lights to, pendants, shades, floor & table lamps, plus lots more. The designs work well with exposed brickwork, particularly redbrick and sandstone but also work with a clean modern finished interior.



Stylish LED filament bulbs

LED bulbs are no longer confined to a flat circuit board style layout typically found in GU10s and other downlights. LED filament bulbs are now on the market and come in a range of stylish designs that fit with the Steampunk range, including tube, pear, E27, B22 and more, with warm white, cool white and a wide variety of lumens outputs available for creating different ambiences. This allows for contemporary styling with all the benefits of LED thrown in (see previous blogs for benefits). Click here for our full filament bulb range & here for Steampunk range