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Downlights April_2019


(LED) Downlights are an increasingly popular choice particularly where interior design is concerned. due to being unobtrusive yet in keeping with a room’s accented colour scheme.
Concealed units make it possible to distribute light output evenly over an interior(s ceiling) space. Maximising efficiency and providing interior designers with a range of GU10 wattages and colour temperature options. GU10 Downlights
Downlight units also carry with them a variety of styling options where the bezel is concerned.
The Bezel or outer visible rim of the unit comes in a wide range of styles. Anything from satin nickel, chrome, copper, cement and even Vintage Steampunk and paintable finishes are available.

An area of consideration, particularly after the Grenfell tower tragedy in 2017 is the downlight units ability to withstand extreme heat. In short, the installation of downlights can potentially cause weak spots in ceilings that fire could spread through. In response to this MiniSun Trade have released a range of fully certified ‘Fire Rated’ downlights which have undergone rigorous testing to 30, 60 and 90 minutes. This means that ‘Fire Rated’ units can withstand high heat levels for the aforementioned periods of time, preventing any potential weak points where the units themselves are concerned.
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